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If you’re looking to enhance your life holistically, My Health Food Shop offers an expansive range of Australian-made supplements to restore your vitality and nourish you from the inside out. From ready-to-devour snacks to cooking products, dietary supplements, skincare and lifestyle products, find everything you need and want in one place to add a general boost to your and your family’s wellness journey.

Discover Australian-made supplements that taste and feel good with every bite

Eat your way to goodness and bestow rich sources of antioxidants with our collection of dietary supplements. Whether you’re looking for products that are enjoyable and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, or you need to resupply your pantry with healthy and tasty items picky eaters and kids won’t run away from, you’ll find them on the shelves of My Health Food Shop.

If you believe you are what you eat, our delectable range will give you a good excuse to enjoy an extra sweet treat after dinner. With nutrient-rich foods and Australian-made supplements that help scavenge free radicals in the body, neutralise guts in distress or add a helpful source of vitamins and minerals, our range will give you extra help in the kitchen to add a dietary boost.

Whether you’re trying to compensate for rich diets or are extra mindful of what you consume, we carry a premium range of Australian-made supplements you can trust that only put the good things in. We’re proud to offer a handpicked and curated selection of leading brands, including Carob Kitchen, Nutra Organics and Australian By Nature, which satisfy the whole family — young and old.

Whether you’re a meat eater, vegan, follow a keto diet or need a reliable supply of gluten-free products, we’ve carefully chosen our range to suit every preference to ensure you never compromise on your lifestyle.

Whip up a storm with our wellness-giving cooking products

Since the kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, our cooking products make every meal an experience. From flaxseed meals, protein-rich gelatin supplements, granola or ghee, you can supplement your breakfast, lunch and dinner with foods rich in everything from Vitamin A to Zinc.

Dig into flavoursome snacks

If you’re always on the go, reaching for highly processed foods with a high glycemic index can be too easy. To help you overcome cravings for sweet morsels with excess empty calories, we offer a sumptuous range of snacks that will maintain your energy levels whether you’re running errands, need a balanced burst of energy at the gym or have a long day in the office.

From carob chocolates you can add to your children’s lunchboxes to walnuts rich in alpha-linolenic acids, or you want to sit down to a warming cup of organic tea, we offer Australian-made supplements and snacks you can keep in your bag or the pantry shelf that everyone will look forward to munching on.

Soothe and relax with calming remedies

Whether you’re trying to fight off a seasonal dip in energy or maintain a general sense of wellness, discover Australian-made supplements you can incorporate to fuel your body. From bee pollen granules that are a natural superfood that boosts vital nutrients to organic herbal teas to calm upset stomachs or gelatine to help manage your gut health, you can find everything you need in our collection.

Create a self-care routine with skincare and lifestyle products

Take a moment and adorn yourself with Australian skincare and lifestyle products to help you manage your skin’s health and condition it for a soft-to-the-touch feel. From beauty oils that infuse antioxidants and lock in hydration to cleansing tea tree soap to slough away the day’s grime or wash your teeth with a zero-waste toothbrush. With soft fragrances that make your twice-daily routine a pleasurable experience, you can lather on their rejuvenating formulations to gently clean your body and leave a radiant glow.

Shop the best Australian-made supplements at My Health Food Shop today

At My Health Food Shop, we’re dedicated to bringing our community of customers a holistic collection of Australian-made supplements to help you manage your well-being. With an expansive array of products, we’re your one-stop shop to buy products that elevate your meal and lifestyle choices.

Visit us today at our retail location in Sydney’s Castle Hill or get everything you need online, and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep for free on all orders over $99 across the country. If you need help choosing between our brands, don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re happy to help.

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